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Two Rings Bind Them: Matt and Rhonda at Green Pastures!

Sometimes you meet people who just treat you like you are the center of their universe. It was said that Bill Clinton was this way. When meeting him, people would say that it was like there was no one else in the room and that you were the most important person in the world for […]

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Senior: Rose!

Today was one of the first uses of our home studio for a senior portait. It went fabulously! Rose was happy and peppy and ready for anything! She had a great sense of style. Back on the West Coast, we shot a good 50 seniors a year and just about every other senior would request […]

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Workshop in the big D

I’ve learned a lot from shooting. I’ve learned a lot from seeing other peoples work. I’ve learned a lot from reading. But I’ve never felt like the heavens opened up and changed my work at workshops designed to sell you digital effects tools for way too much money. This one wasn’t any different. I checked […]

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ENGAGE! Carolyn and Alex!

In August Carolyn and Alex got married in Houston, but chose me to finish the job and photograph them in their wedding clothes in Austin after their wedding photographer neglected to shoot very many pictures of the two of them at their wedding. Maybe I’m confused about all of this stuff, but aren’t the bride […]

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