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Shot in The Dark: Travis!

You know, I get in front of the camera as little as possible and keep company with brilliant beautiful people such as Christina and Megan so as there can always be something in front of the camera so long as it’s not me.  No such luck today and while teaching Megan more about shooting got […]

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Back to Basics: Christina Behind the Studio with Carry’s Blue Truck!

As an artist who is creative I get bored with doing the same thing over and over. Typically I try and one up what I did the last shoot, creating something better that makes me feel like I’ve achieved something in this directive. Since admitting that I was an artist rather than a technician in […]

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Outdoor Christmas Card Adventure 2008!

Here are some of the more interesting shots from our company Christmas card shoot shot at the park near the Palmer Event Center near Ladybird Lake.  Special thanks to my friend Matt Crow who came down to pull the shutter for us and help us carry the obscenely heavy bags of gear up the hill […]

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Election Day…..

I’m a hell of an ad agency when I want to be. My son’s class all had to run for class mayor this Monday and due to the fact that the whole family was sick for all of last week we didn’t know about it until the day before. So I whipped this out in […]

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