You know, I get in front of the camera as little as possible and keep company with brilliant beautiful people such as Christina and Megan so as there can always be something in front of the camera so long as it’s not me.  No such luck today and while teaching Megan more about shooting got a few shots taken.  She actually made me look pretty good.  That’s hard.  But I actually look like the fun, exciting person that I am.  The guy you want at your wedding making beautiful images.  Kudos to Megan on this one!  She is the best trusty sidekick ever.

As an artist who is creative I get bored with doing the same thing over and over. Typically I try and one up what I did the last shoot, creating something better that makes me feel like I’ve achieved something in this directive. Since admitting that I was an artist rather than a technician in the world of photography I’ve pushed as hard as I can to be better always. And I’ve decided that I will hence forth be going on sabbatical from time to time to refocus my mind to be sharper and more creative. Gary Larson, the creator of the Far Side comic strip did and I’ve decided that so will I. Today was the beginning of my sabbatical.

Behind the studio is an old blue Datsun truck and just by coincidence, Christina happened to be wearing blue. The landlord stores it there because our rear parking lot is as big as our front parking lot, but not one person parks back there.

The above picture reminds me of a still from a Hitchcock movie. Love the feel of it in B&W.