We had to update the bio pictures for the website as we have changed and the company has changed a little. I don’t look the same anymore, Christina looks way different these days, plus we’ve got to add in our trusty sidekick/assistant, Megan. So we put aside an evening to spend in the studio shooting new images for the bio. Here are a few that I thought were fun.

The one and only trusty sidekick, Megan has been absorbed into the collective.

Christina couldn’t keep her hands in this shot so it wouldn’t work for the bio, but it was so cool that someone needed to see it and it ended up here on the blog.

Megan is the new master of the hair flip.

Hear me roar. No matter how hard I try I just end up doing something wacky in front of the camera. I think the vision had something to do with Godzilla stomping on me and I was going to make sure there was a record for the people who weren’t squished with me.

My trusty sidekick provided out of frame hairdryer action.

I’m catching flies.

You know, I get in front of the camera as little as possible and keep company with brilliant beautiful people such as Christina and Megan so as there can always be something in front of the camera so long as it’s not me.  No such luck today and while teaching Megan more about shooting got a few shots taken.  She actually made me look pretty good.  That’s hard.  But I actually look like the fun, exciting person that I am.  The guy you want at your wedding making beautiful images.  Kudos to Megan on this one!  She is the best trusty sidekick ever.